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I find it both challenging and rewarding to explore new ways to express my creativity and mold my career to reflect my purpose and passion.  

To make a long story short, I have always been an artist. I am an accomplished graphic designer, illustrator, painter, product designer and photographer. At various times in my career, I leaned more toward one particular medium to both expand my skill set AND because it keeps my creative juices flowing! I realize it is a generally accepted truth that one must focus on only ONE thing to be an expert... I disagree! Doing the same exact thing day in day out, especially for a creative person, can lead to a stale and static career. I stick to all things creative --- but like to be fluid in my artistic ventures and "mix it up" to stay fresh and stimulated.


I can provide stellar reviews from clients with projects in both photography and graphic design. And, currently, I am really enjoying and thriving at fine art. I have spent a significant part of the past 12 years doing art with my young children. As I introduced new techniques and mediums, I fell back in love with my passion for making art. 


If you think we might be a good match to work together ... please contact me and I will

get back to you! - Ellen

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